Now you can create an explainer video from a photo in minutes. Simply load your image, design your scenes and add an accompanying voiceover and text captions. StoryPix then saves this as a video that can be shared online or with others!

How it works

Capture a photo or import from your gallery to start telling your story.
Add scenes, use the zoom function on elements of your image, and add voiceover and text captions to enhance your story.
Upload your new video and share online.

Need Inspiration?

StoryPix is an engaging and visual solution to work, school and personal projects. Turn any photo into a professional looking explainer video quickly and easily. Are you selling a house, teaching or learning a language, advertising on eBay or even just having fun on social media? StoryPix can be used to make work, school and life more fun and productive no matter what story you want to tell!
Teachers can set creative homework tasks and explain complex subjects in a digestible format.
Turn your favourite landmarks and travel experiences into an adventure story for the world to see.
From project management to HR, you can engage and explain with maximum impact and grab attention in the workplace.
Clinical Services
Ensure patients, families, and even employees have the correct information communicated simply and with clarity.

Start using StoryPix now!